What is GETNGX?


what is GetNGX

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GetNGX is dedicated to healthfully and successfully guiding you to your optimal nutrition, fitness, health and overall wellness through customized genetic Wellness testing kits.

GetNGX offers at-home testing kits to shed light on your genetic makeup and which foods and exercises might be best for you.

The genetic test reports you receive are specific recommendations based on your unique genetic makeup. They are not just the general advice of eat healthy, get a good nights sleep and stay hydrated.

GetNGX Wellness tests are now available without a physician authorization required-So you can order direct today to start living your best YOU!

Can GetNGX Make a Difference?

Over 26 million people have tried at home DNA test kits to find out more about their ancestry and genetic heritage. But now, we are applying this same technology to identify how you can lead your healthiest life based on your unique genetic code.

Health Professionals are now recommending the GetNGX Wellness test to patients as part of a comprehensive life strategy. Based on your DNA results, you will be able to design a custom plan to nourish your body with satisfying, nutritious whole foods — without the stress of strict food rules or deprivation.

After receiving your results, you can shift the focus away from short-term weight loss to long-term healthy eating habits without strict rules with recommended foods and fitness plans that suit your genetic makeup.

Our individualized blueprints for nutritious living are designed to help you achieve your goals and maintain them, while enjoying the foods and flavors you crave.
You can finally stop feeling so bloated and sluggish all the time to live your healthiest best!

How does the test work?

GetNGX test involves a swab of saliva to produce a panel of your genetic makeup and how those genetics may play a role in how you metabolizes macronutrients and vitamins.

There are different gene combinations that encode for how you are better at digesting and utilizing certain foods.

Certain people have a genetic predisposition to being a really good fat burner, so they may be able to get away with more red meat and saturated fats. If you are not one of them, then the test will guide you into the food groups that your DNA allows you to metabolize more efficiently.

There are certain genes that encode how your muscles function and what type of physical activity is best suited to achieve the fitness results that are designed to achieve your goals.

One example is if you are always going to the gym but not seeing weight loss results, one roadblock could be what you think is the healthy protein shake after exercise. Depending on your genetic, your body might find too much protein spikes your insulin levels which keeps you from losing weight.

Will I need help understanding my report?

No, is the short answer as the report is very easy to understand and presented with different categories of recommendation based on your individual results.

For those that wish to engage the support of a professional, GetNGX is connecting a network of Nutritionists and Dieticians that can provide support to you after receiving your results.

You can also take your test results to your primary physician. This presents an excellent opportunity to open a dialogue during the consultation on any areas of health concerns or proactive management with your trusted health professional.

What people say


The whole process was so easy!  I sent in my sample and within 2 weeks had my results.  I was able to change my fitness and diet routines and am really impressed with the results.  I wish I would have been able to use this DNA technology years ago-it would have saved my so much trial and error anxiety.

Erica S.

Erica S.


I have seen different DNA Ancestry Tests available. But I was more interested in finding out about more about my own body.  The report was great as I always thought I was sensitive to certain foods, but now have a guide of what I should be eating to feel my best! 
Thanks GetNGX!

Ben T.

Ben T.


I have tried every diet out there with varying results-but now that I have my DNA Nutrition results, I don’t have to starve myself again.  I can just customize my nutritional plan with foods that my body can metabolize efficiently.  My fitness levels have improved so I am very happy with the great insights the test results provided me.

Brent W.

Brent W.